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Community Hall (NGV Melbourne Now)

Ewan McEoin, Consulting Curator of Design 2013

McBride Charles Ryan (MCR) is one of Melbourne's most celebrated architecture practices whose studio-based approach to architecture defies categorisation. MCR projects seek to expand the vocabulary of architectural expression and to engage in the articulation of complex issues, such as the representation of a city's culture and identity. The firm's Community Hall project for Melbourne Now is a flexible multi-use space that creates a bold statement of inclusivity and egalitarianism at the front door of NGV International. Drawing inspiration from the social and cultural spaces of Victorian communities, Community Hall takes tradition to new heights through cutting-edge architecture and dynamic programming. The space offers a hub of activity positioned at the heart of Melbourne Now.


MCR's design for the space is at once iconic and pragmatic. The architecture integrates a broad range of social and cultural references into one seamless arc of inclusion. Set alight with bold colours which can be seen through the famous NGV Waterfall, this stunning new structure is a space with both social and architectural meaning that people will never forget.

PEGS Senior

Nina Bilewicz (Mrs), Vice Principal 2013

McBride Charles Ryan has worked closely with the school in an effort to understand the school's needs and translate them effectively and creatively. As a result their buildings reflect the educational and social principles upon which the school is based. Their articulation of these principles is energizing and engaging. MCR achieved outstanding results while working with the budget set by the school.

Templestowe Park Primary School

Jenny Turpin (Mrs), Principal, 2005

Templestowe Park Primary School
employed the services of McBride
Charles Ryan Architects and
Interior Design to design a new
Multi-Purpose Hall and refurbish
four classrooms. The architects
were selected due to their ability
to produce innovative designs on
a limited budget.


Rob McBride worked closely
with the school to ensure he met
the schools requirements and
facilitated changes to the original
master plan to deliver a building
that exceeded the school's
expectations. Rob has been able
to design a building that is functional,
symbolic of basic materials and
transformed an extremely dull entry
into the school into one of
impact, intrigue and style.


Throughout the entire process Rob had the interest of the school community in mind. He set high standards for the builder to achieve, liaised extensively with Bovis Lend lease and the Department of Education to embark on a project with a unique concept and never lost sight that this was a community focussed project. To have designed a building that has received the prestigious Victorian Architecture medal is a credit to his ingenuity.

Templestowe Park Primary School is extremely proud of their new building and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending McBride Charles Ryan Architects and Interior Design.




Fitzroy High School reopened in 2004 with a specific mandate to explore innovation in education. The school developed organisational and curriculum structures that responded to current educational research into teaching and learning, within the context of existing buildings that were built for a more traditional model of education.


The refurbishment of existing buildings went some way to developing a better fit between space and more innovative teaching and learning but were fundamentally designed in a different era for a different style of education.


With the introduction of the VCE, the school needed to build new learning spaces to house the increased student population.


MCR worked with the school community -students, parents and teachers, to develop new learning spaces that reflected the values and philosophy of the school and that better supported an innovative approach to teaching and learning. The design of the building was a response this dialogue.


The design of the new learning studios allows flexibility to construct purposeful learning environments that are diverse and discrete yet connected. The purposeful design of learning spaces along with the use of loose items such as furniture and other learning objects has an observable effect on behaviour. When students and teachers are provided with learning spaces that are designed to suit their needs, that are aesthetically pleasing and that encourage positive, respectful relationships, then teaching and learning is supported.


Students and teachers have responded positively to the new learning spaces - the provision of purpose built spaces has enabled both students and teachers to continue to develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning that support deep learning by students.