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Dallas Brooks Community Primary School (2013)


This facility, which comprises a new Primary school, Community facilities and Community Park, was planned under the Broadmeadows Regeneration Scheme. The scheme was funded by the Victorian State Government under its Building Futures policy. This policy is a key component in the Victorian State Governments education strategy to ensure all Victorian communities have access to modern learning facilities. In this project two existing school communities have been brought together.

The Dallas Brooks Community Primary School is an exploration of how new pedagogy methods may be reflected in various configurations of age-appropriate learning spaces. Small unique learning communities have been developed which are knitted together through shared outdoor courtyard spaces in this mini city. In this way too the planning endeavours to construct an atmosphere that facilitates a fluid and rich journey through the early years of early academic life.

The project has required MCR to work in great intimacy with the school community, responding to their pedagogical insights and experience as well as the community's unique cultural mix.


Australian Institute of Architects

National Annual Awards

2014 Public Architecture Award


Australian Institute of Architects
Victorian Chapter Annual Awards
2014 Victorian Architecture Medal
2014 Melbourne Prize

2014 William Wardell Award for Public Architecture


World Architecture Festival

Shortlisted - Schools Category