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Monaco House (2007)


This four storey building is located in a largely pedestrian lane at the east end of Melbourne's CBD. Dominant in the lane is the historic Melbourne Club wall and large plane trees emerging from the Melbourne Club garden.


A ground level entry and cafe are followed by two levels of office. The top level contains a small reception area to facilitate the client's role as Honorary Consul of Monaco. Within the office, large apertures to the west are shaded by deep balconies and the adjoining plane trees. Outdoor balconies and the 'green-roofscape'
provide areas of release from the office desk. The building is an essay in fine grained urbanism, it seeks to talk about
its consular role as well as to enhance to pedestrian experience of the city.


International Architecture Awards

2010 The Chicago Athenaeum/Europe


Australian Institute of Architects

National Annual Awards

2008 Commercial Architecture Award


Australian Institute of Architects

Victorian Chapter Annual Awards

2008 Sir Osborn McCutcheon Award

Commercial Architecture


Victorian State of Design Awards

2008 Premier's Design Mark

Commercial Architecture