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Monument Park (in Collaboration with Callum Morton & Oculus) (2014)



In mid 2012 MCR and MAB started working toward the realization of 'Monument Park' - a space between New Quay Promenade and 'The Quays' apartments. It seemed that this place had to address all the negative perceptions of the docklands. The ambition was to readdress retail, to provide shelter, to engage all ages, be playful, somewhere to sit and be 'Art'. The artist Callum Morton's submission was chosen and the collaboration was further enhanced by the inclusion of the landscape architect Occulus. The rest of the description of the project is best served by quoting Callum's 'opening' speech.

'...about this place we have made here? First of all it is important to say that this is not a park with sculptures in it which some might be tempted to say, rather it's one work that is a public park, a type of garden, a place to congregate, to sit, to shelter and play in. These forms that rise out of the ground and the plants that emerge through it, are underneath one plane that has been laid across the whole site. And this ground plane is in the end the true subject and unifying element...'



Australian Institute of Architects
Victorian Chapter Annual Awards
2015 Small Project Architecture Award