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PEGS Middle Girls School (2015)


The Penleigh and Essendon Middle Girls School (PEGS) project is the final of three major phases of the development of the East Keilor Campus. The aim of this ambitious building program was to provide a rich and diverse campus environment with high quality teaching spaces designed to respond to the particular needs of its distinct student groups.


The form is derived the Mandelbrot Set, the image of which offers almost endless formal adaption; a metaphor writ large for the endless possibility of intellectual exploration and the human imagination.


This formal strategy results in an architectural form that changes in scale and intensity that reveals and conceals views, contains and describes interior and exterior space. Double curved gateways, reminiscent of both Desbrowe Annear’s arts and crafts houses and Persian gateways, add definition and a poetic to campus.


The Educators at PEGS are clear and straight forward about the types of core educational spaces they require. Large generous interconnected classrooms are the backbone of their repertoire of spaces. In this project the ‘Mandelbrot form’ wraps this straight forward and rational planning approach thereby adding spaces that are multi-use, collaborative and social, of a varying scale and with a rich spatial quality.


Occupying the most prominent part of the Keilor East Campus, this final piece of the schools' $70 million redevelopment provides and opportunity to present a new identity for the school to the wider community travelling along the adjacent busy main roads.


Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Victorian Chapter Awards

Winner - Henry Bastow Award for Educational Architecture


World Architecture Festival



Interior Design Excellence Awards