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Petrucelli House (2007)


 This house, set in a leafy street in Camberwell, is constructed primarily over a single level, which rests upon a lower level garage and entry foyer.


On the main level, two forms containing the living and bedroom zones are slipped past each other, reducing the form at that street and creating a semi private front patio. The pool holds the house together, experienced as a continuum throughout the entire house, except the bedrooms, it allows for a distinct holiday feel. Open the front door and you are greeted by the window to the pool; the play of light on the water or underwater legs set the scene. Up the stairs and you're facing the bar (kitchen bench with upstand). Down the hallway (bedroom zone) you pass the rear pool deck and end up at the games room.

The client is a photographer and is used to looking at things in the finest detail; this interest in perfection has transferred to the house. 


1998 Commendation, New Commercial
Petruccelli Photographic Studio, Prahran