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The Boulevard (1998)


The original residence was a small early modernist building designed by Don Fulton for the young historian Geoffrey Blainey. The house intersected two primary forms and utilised a simple post and beam construction which was elegantly expressed internally and externally.

Subsequent additions and changes by the original to the roof all but destroyed the purity and expression of the original concept. The brief demanded substantial additions within the remaining tight three dimensional allotment.

The additions comprise a new first floor (parents' apartment type quarters) and a kitchen and meals pavilion. Junctions were detailed so that the nature of the original fabric and its changes were more clearly revealed, thus creating a new whole building.

Like the original fabric the new architectural elements fit into a modernist language, but unlike the original fabric they are not structurally expressive. The kitchen pavilion is a single gesture that wraps together the floor, wall and ceiling of the addition, as well as the new outdoor deck and eaves


Australian Institute of Architects

Victorian Chapter Annual Awards

1998 Harold Desbrowe - Annear Award

Extension & Refurbishment