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Venice Biennale (2008)


There is a growing interest in our office in the use of the forms extracted from the field of topological mathematics. They have an inherent beauty. They seem to offer the promise of new form & spatial experience that would be difficult to derive from building type, function or the feeble imaginings of the architect alone. The form of this pavilion is a figure 8 wound around a mobius strip. It generates an endless pavilion and gallery space, which ramps up and down in a loop. It has the promise of both a unique way of experiencing the works and the Giardini Biennale itself.

Without destroying the integrity of the beautiful loop we have pulled and pushed the space to provide a variety of gallery spaces from the large room down to the tight linear gallery. The whole form wraps around a void, an outdoor space for art, events and gathering.

The pavilion alludes to experiences which are both Venetian and Australian.