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McBride Charles Ryan

Kings Square Fremantle Design Competition

See a video of MCR's shortlisted proposal for the Kings Square Redevelopment competition in Fremantle here!  

Melbourne Design Awards

 MCR are proud to announce that the 'Infinity Centre' has received the 2013 Melbourne Design Award in the category of 'Architecture - Commercial - Constructed'!


For more information on the awards, click here.

Open House Melbourne - Fitzroy High School

MCR is happy to announce  that Fitzroy High School will be taking part in this year's Open House Melbourne. It will be open from 10am to 4pm on July 27/28.  Tours commence in the 1915 building with a visit to both the old 1960s building and the new adjoining three-storey building.


Location - Falconer Street, Fitzroy.


For more information about the project please click here.

ARCHITECTURE AWARD 2013 for Penleigh and Essendon Grammar Senior School

We are delighted to announce that the Penleigh and Essendon Grammar Senior School Building by McBride Charles Ryan is the recipient of an Architecture Award for Public Architecture: New, Victoria Architecture Awards 2013.


'The Infinity Centre is a celebration of the potential for architecture to realise the ambitions of its community and promote curiosity and excitement in students' - Award Citation


Our design for the Infinity Centre in its very form, acknowledges the schools shared belief that learning is boundless - that enquiry is a life-long activity.

Structured around two protected courtyards, the infinity symbol form enhances the learning spaces access to light, view and ventilation. The library and student learning centre are located at the heart of the infinity form. Specialist precincts, Art, Science, Cafe and a huge variety of learning spaces are distributed throughout the form. Each precinct has its own unique quality and yet they are seamlessly connected to the next. The building is an embodiment of the journey of education, and the crossover between disciplines. This planning allows the buildings circulation to constantly return to the library at its heart and in this way it physically echoes the educational ethos.


The attempt to realise the Infinity Centre was an ambitious one. It required a great endeavour and great courage from PEGS school leaders and teachers. We are thankful to our client for their support and energy. The design and consultant team were also challenged to engage with this vision. We acknowledge the collaboration of consultants Arup for structure and building services, Oculus Landscape Architecture and the head contractor Construction Engineering.


We are very grateful to all members of the client and project team for the commitment that resulted in this wonderful achievement.

Australian Interior Design Awards, The Infinity Centre

MCR is happy to annouce that we have been awarded a 'High Commendation'  in the Australian Interior Design Awards for The Infinity Centre, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar Senior School. For more information on the project and awards, please click here

Architizer A+ Jury Awards 2013

MCR is happy to announce that The Yardmaster's Building has won the Architizer A+ Jury Award in the Transportation: Bus & Train Stations Category. 


For more information about the project and awards click here.

PEGS Middle Girls School

MCR is excited to announce its continued involvement with PEGS through the design of the Middle Girls School, which will sit alongside PEGS Senior and PEGS Middle Boys School. The project comprises the design of two buildings framing two large courtyard spaces with an entry plaza connecting to the existing outdoor spaces. A materiality of light coloured brick banding will simultaneously link and differentiate this project from the Senior and Boys campuses. 

Monash Teaching and Learning Complex

"MCR has been appointed by Monash University as the design team for a proposed new state-of-the-art teaching and learning complex at the University's Caulfield campus. 


The iconic development, to be located on one of Melbourne's major arterial roads (Princes Highway), will bring more than 6000 students to Caulfield, and will transform the campus, making it the University's central location for social sciences, teaching, learning, research and public programs." 


For more information on the project click here

Think Brick Awards 2012

 MCR is proud to announce The Infinity Centre as the joint winner of the Horbury Hunt Award in the Commercial Category.


Judges commented "Great education buildings, like the Infinity Centre, have the potential to shape future generations by inspiring students to think about the built environment. Here a striking brick facade undulates in both plan and elevation with a hovering mass that defies gravity. The innovative use of brick transforms ideas about the material's modularity and in the process challenges perceptions of what's possible with brick."


For more information about the project and awards click here.

Cloud House wins a Melbourne Design Award

Cloud House has won the Residential Constructed Award at the 2012 Melbourne Design Awards. For more information on the awards and project click here.

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Center

A new website has been launched to keep everyone up to date on the VCCC. Visit to find out more.

Melbourne Design Awards 2011 - Architecture Commercial

PEGS Junior

Thanks to your votes, PEGS Junior Boys School has recieved the Melbourne Design Award for Commercial Architecture!


"The MDA is the only design awards recognising a broad range of design categories open to design professionals, students and those that commission design.


The awards are cross-disciplinary, celebrating and honouring the role of design and the skills of designers around the planet, while recognising all aspects of the design process."


1st September, 2011


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PEGS Junior

McBride Charles Ryan has been shortlisted for a World Architecture Festival Award in the learning category for PEGS Junior.


The World Architecture Festival is the world's largest annual global architecture awards regularly attracting more than 700 entries from almost 60 different countries every year.


The festival opens November 2 in Barcelona, Spain.


For more information about the awards click here


Principal Architects: Rob McBride, Debbie-Lyn Ryan
Project team: Benedikt Josef, Amelia Borg, Natasha Maben

PEGS Junior featured on the cover of Architectural Review

August/September Issue 121 pg 46-53



"A new school building by McBride Charles Ryan draws favorable comparison from one of its young occupants to Harry Potter's Hogwarts. It is also a project of outstanding architectural merit delivered through the Building the Education Revolution scheme. Architectural sleight of hand? No. Just clever design."



We are proud to announce that McBride Charles Ryan has received the Horbury Hunt Commercial Award at the 2011 Think Brick Awards.


"The Horbury Hunt Awards recognise excellence and innovation in built projects and the collaboration of the project team to deliver architectural outcomes: architect/designer, builder, masonry contractor and brick manufacturer. The Awards reward innovation and craftsmanship in brickwork and recognises the contribution of all parties in that process."


We would like to congratulate and thank all who worked on the project.


Principal Architects: Rob McBride, Debbie-Lyn Ryan
Project team: Benedikt Josef, Amelia Borg, Natasha Maben


For more information about the awards click here




McBride Charles Ryan has recently received The International Architecture Award for Fitzroy High School and Letterbox House.


"The International Architecture Awards are the highest and most prestigious disinguished building awards that honor new and cutting-edge design."


The award is organised by The Chicago Athenaeum and The European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies in conjunction with Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd.


Fitzroy High School:


Principal Architects: Rob McBride, Debbie Lyn Ryan
Project team: Andrew Hayne, Drew Williamson, Michelle James, Angela Woda, David Fraser


Letterbox House:


Principal Architects: Rob McBride, Debbie-Lyn Ryan
Project team: Adam Pustola, Meredith Dufour, Michael McManus, Angela Woda, Matthew Borg, Fang Cheah,
Flynn Lewer


WAN Education Sector Awards 2011

Fitzroy High School

"WAN winners pave the way for new typologies in education facility design"


McBride Charles Ryan are happy to report that we were recently the recipients of the WAN Education Sector 2011 award for a built project.


We would like to thank the judges for their time and kind comments. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to the project team and the staff at Fitzroy High School.


Please head over to the WAN Awards page for the judges comments and video.


An exercpt from the article is below:


"On the other side of the world, the unique face of Fitzroy High School was admired for its 'traditional approach' in an inventive exterior, a move noted by Chris Harding, Head of Education at BDP as 'a good thing in terms of moving the typology forward'... the colour coded interiors, flexible and interactive use of space, and 'brilliantly thoughtful' overall design pushed McBride Charles Ryan to the top of the table."



Principal Architects: Rob McBride, Debbie Lyn Ryan
Project team: Andrew Hayne, Drew Williamson, Michelle James, Angela Woda, David Fraser

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar - Boys Junior School

McBride Charles Ryan are proud to show our newest project, the new school at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar, for the Boys Junior School.

This project has been a favourite in the office and we are delighted to see it come to completion.


We would like to sincerely thank the wonderful staff and team and PEGS who made this all possible.


We would also like to extend a special thanks to our project team; Debbie Ryan and Robert McBride,  Benedikt Josef (Project Architect), Amelia Borg and Natasha Maben.

Melbourne Design Awards 2010

Winner, Architecture - Residential

McBride Charles Ryan are happy to announce that the Letterbox House was the proud recipient of the Residential Architecture award at the Melbourne Design Awards.


We would like to extend a warm thanks to all who voted for the project.

Penleigh and Essendon Senior School Construction Underway

The PEGS Senior project has begun construction.  


Construction Photographs courtesy of NearMap. 

Fitzroy High School wins the Horbury Hunt Brick Awards

At the Think Brick Awards Gala 2010

The Horbury Hunt Award recognises architectural innovation and outstanding brick craftsmanship in built projects.

Primarily an architectural competition, the award also acknowledges the combined role architects, designers, engineers, landscape architects and designers, builders, masonry contractors and brick manufacturers play in achieving excellence. This is a unique and important aspect of the judging criteria, and as such, any member of the project team may enter the award.


Initiated by the Horbury Hunt Club in honour of the renowned Australian architect, John Horbury Hunt, Think Brick Australia took on the guardianship of this competition in 2008.


Fitzroy High School was announced the winner of the Award on the 7th of October, 2010. The award was accepted by Debbie Ryan on behalf of the firm in Sydney.


McBride Charles Ryan would like to extend our thanks to all that were involved in the project, and made such a great building possible.

Klein Bottle House Shortlisted for the LICC Awards

London International Creative Competition

The Klein Bottle House was shortlisted as one of the finalists of the London International Creative Competition.


"London International Creative Competition is a vehicle for facilitating contact between uniquely talented artists and an international audience"


Find out more information here.

Brownless Biomedical Library opens at Melbourne University

26th of July, 2010

McBride Charles Ryan are happy to announce that the Brownless Biomedical Library had its opening ceremony on the 26th of July, 2010. We would like to thank all the parties that had made the project possible.


Special thanks goes out to the project team - Debbie Ryan, Robert McBride, Michelle James, Drew Williamson, Benedict Josef, Natasha Maben and Marie Chen.  

McBride Charles Ryan Shortlisted for World Architecture Festival

Fitzroy High School

The team at McBride Charles Ryan are delighted to announce that Fitzroy High School has been shortlisted for the "Learning" category for the World Architecture Festival in 2010. Results will be decided in Barcelona from the 3-5th of November. 


For more details, please visit the WAF website.  

McBride Charles Ryan Shortlisted for World Architecture Festival

Letterbox House

It is our pleasure to announce that the Letterbox House has been shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival this year. It is an honour to have been selected from such a large list of contributors. 


For more information, please visit the WAF website.

McBride Charles Ryan wins an International Architecture Award 2010

Monaco House

The  International Architectural Awards is a prestigious institution organized by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. The program has become one of the largest and distinguished awards programs in the world. 


The jury for the 2010 Awards was held in Mexico City, in which 98 projects from 38 nations were selected. 


McBride Charles Ryan would like to thank all involved for this honour, and would like to thank everyone involved in the project. 


Visit for further details.




McBride Charles Ryan has won the Australian Institute of Architecture Victorian Chapter Annual Awards 2010 in the Public Alterations and Additions category for Fitzroy High School. 


We would like to thank all the people who put in the hard work for the project, special mention goes to Robert McBride and Debbie Ryan as Project Directors, Andrew Hayne and Drew Williamson as Project Architects and Michelle James, Angela Woda and David Fraser as the practice team. 



McBride Charles Ryan has won the Australian Institute of Architecture Victorian Chapter Annual Awards 2010 in the Public Architecture division for the Yardmasters Building. 

We have been extremely gracious of the praise the building has received, and as such would like to thank the great people who put in all the hard work to make it all happen. We would especially like to thank Debbie Ryan and Robert McBride as the Project Directors, Drew WIlliamson as the Project Architect, and Andrew Hayne, Fang Cheah, Michelle James, Angela Woda, David Fraser, Scott Crowe and Johanna Brunner who were the practice team.

MCR wins the Grand Designs Award for Best International House

Klein Bottle House

The Klein Bottle House has won the Grand Designs Awards for Best International House. Debbie flew to the UK to accept the award-presented by Kevin McCloud. 


Visit the Grand Designs Website for an update on all the winners and shortlisted entrants for the awards:



Fitzroy High School wins the Dulux Colour Awards Grand Prix

Celebration ensued in the office when it was announced that Fitzroy High School had taken out the category prize for Best Commercial Interior, as well as the Grand Prix for the 24th Annual Dulux Colour Awards


This year's judging panel included Lyons' co-director Carey Lyon, interior designer Alison Page and contemporary Artist Vincent Fantauzzo who said that the building contained "fantastic vibrancy from notably secondary colours to enrich the learning environment."

It was surely an honour to have been chosen among such a huge and diverse group of applicants this year. 


Special thanks for the project goes out to  Project team; Debbie Ryan, Rob McBride, Andrew Hayne, Drew Williamson, Michelle James, Angela Woda, and David Fraser.



April 24-25, 2010

"McBride Charles Ryan's Monaco House seems to erupt out of its starched and narrow lane just metres from the Melbourne Club, bubbling convexly above street level and concavely at it, punching a crumpled cave of conviviality into the street wall."

MCR Participates in ASAHI Black and Silver Exhibition

Karakuchi Project

 "The intention of Silver + Black is to provide a space that showcases Asahi's core values of quality, premium, style and choice with like minded artists and collaborators."


McBride Charles Ryan was invited this year to participate in Asahi's Silver + Black exhibition, put together by Urchin Associates. MCR participated in the Karakuchi part of the project, where we were to interpret the characters featured on the Asahi Super Dry Bottle.


Our object was a three dimensional interpretation of the characters using a 3D digital modelling program. This program is used on many of our projects to manipulate form. We extruded the form and played with it until we thought it was a visually rich and tangible interpretation of the characters form. The characters shape is revealed from a number of angles of the object. Whilst one object (Kuchi) pays homage to the Asahi brand in colour and material, it distorts its nature through form. The other object (Kara) employs manga (Japanese cartoons) to add colour, imagery and text alluding to McBride Charles Ryan ongoing interest in colour, form, and meaning.


Click to jump to the Asahi Silver+Black website


The Yardmasters Building featured in The Age

The Age, 31 Mar 2010. Pages 40 - 41

 Article by Stephen Crafti


..."Seen from the platform, the four-level concrete building looks more like a jewellery box wedged between the tracks than a utilitarian structure for signalmen and yardmasters..."


Click here to view the article.

Fitzroy High School featured in AR

April/May Issue 114 pg 106-113

 Article by Stuart Harrison


"As one parent succinctly put it, this building needed to have "zing". All else were givens."


The new school by McBride Charles Ryan applies a deceptively simple solution to contain a complex and progressive educational program.