WAN Awards

“WAN winners pave the way for new typologies in education facility design”

McBride Charles Ryan are happy to report that we were recently the recipients of the WAN Education Sector 2011 award for a built project.

We would like to thank the judges for their time and kind comments. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to the project team and the staff at Fitzroy High School.

Please head over to the WAN Awards page for the judges comments and video.

An exercpt from the article is below:

“On the other side of the world, the unique face of Fitzroy High School was admired for its ‘traditional approach’ in an inventive exterior, a move noted by Chris Harding, Head of Education at BDP as ‘a good thing in terms of moving the typology forward’… the colour coded interiors, flexible and interactive use of space, and ‘brilliantly thoughtful’ overall design pushed McBride Charles Ryan to the top of the table.”

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