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Dome House (2005)



The Dome House is a "garden home" in
a conservative Melbourne suburb. The design concept of this home was to take
a pure form, the copper sphere, bury it
and erode it within the conception of a giant puzzle whose components ranged from the large to the infinitesimally small.

By selectively removing parts and leaving fragments (which contain the garden shed, a seat, letterbox, cellar and meter enclosure) we gave the Dome House a unique and intimate relationship with

the garden.


This strategy, though conceptually simple, had a limitless and joyous experiential complexity. Such complexity was rigorously informed by the geometry of
the sphere. This is clearly a modern home, yet with its careful and fragmented quality it resonates with the picturesque sensibility of the suburb.





Australian Institute of Architects

Victorian Chapter Annual Awards

2005 Award for New Residential Architecture Award