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QVII (2004)


QV2 is an eight level apartment building above a 3 storey retail podium. It comprises 136 apartments opposite the civically & historically significant forecourt to the State Library of Victoria. The form of the building has been designed to respond intelligently and sensitively to this important location.


The internal planning exhibits a unique central service core, designed to simplify construction and servicing it also provides occupants with an enhanced spatial experience within the small apartment spaces. The apartments can be configured and experienced either in open- or closed-plan form. The distorted plan shape of the building further provides superior light and views to the dwellings and in turn results in 17 unique apartments per floor. By overlaying the 17 types with a further 4 unique colour schemes representing the seasons, this building offered an unprecedented degree of choice and variety to a market plagued by uniformity.


Australian Institute of Architects

Victorian Chapter Annual Awards
2005 Award for Multi-Residential Architecture Award