Brownless Biomedical Library, University of Melbourne

Brownless Biomedical Library, University of Melbourne


This project involves a major refurbishment to the Melbourne University Bio-Medical Library to provide a 24 hr student learning hub and a one-stop shop student service area. The project involves the architects working intensely with a diverse stakeholder group comprising over 20 participants and collaboratively with Melbourne University in the design and tailoring of a wide variety of new learning spaces.

University of Melbourne, Building 182 Grattan St, Carlton


The Brownless Biomedical library extends the lifespan of the building it occupies. By recycling the entire envelope, and updating the student hub to meet current needs, this project preserves the existing fabric, saving on both the economic and environmental costs of demolition. Furthermore, by creating a series of flexible learning spaces, the library is set up to cater for the continuously changing requirements of the future university curriculum.